Flimkien: A Step Forward.

No, it’s not for the Catholics – it’s for everyone.

This monthly magazine (published by the College of Parish Priests) has quietly undergone critical reform and rebranding. Its mixture of secular and Catholic articles written by academics, clergymen, students, professionals, and everyone who wishes to contribute (irrespective of spiritual affiliations) is welcome to do so. That’s not all, however. One would still refrain from reading it following the assumption of only containing Catholic doctrine-related articles. I would suggest thinking otherwise; see for yourself:

1. A piece on the approach to recognise video gaming as part of a modern social identity across generations:

“To reform its evangelisation ministry by acknowledging the [generation] Z’s playful and social identity, place gaming as a central tenet of our endeavours in dialoguing with them, adapt to their existential needs, and help them navigate and discern our digital culture.”

2. The emphasis on what Pope Francis came for:

“Ma nħarsux lejn il-migrant bħala theddida… ma narmux lill-mistkerrha, imma npoġġu fl-ewwel post lil dawk li huma meqjusa tal-aħħar… l-impenn biex jintemmu l-illegalità u l-koruzzjoni… il-ġmiel imdawwal tal-pajsaġġ (Malti) għandu jkun imħares mir-rebgħa bla xebgħa, mill-kilba għall-flus, u mill-ispekulazzjoni tal-bini.”

3. A reflection on the poor amongst us: 

“inħeġġiġkom sabiex tindirizzaw l-isforzi tagħkom lejn dawk li jitolbukom l-għajnuna: agħtuhom vuċi, isimgħu l-istorja tagħhom, tgħallmu mill-esperjenzi tagħhom.”

Other articles comprise work struggles, technology, the environment, professional advice, and political analysis.

Regardless of one’s reserves for the Church, not discarding Flimkien amongst your junk mail would be an objective and informed decision, as this flicker of hope ought to be recognised. 

If the Church is not with the people, then it’s not for the people – in which Flimkien has proven this wrong, in my view, and as the President of the College stated: 

“The magazine will help us debate the good and the bad in our country… consulting the public on what topics should be discussed in the publication.”

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